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AW Journal - Testing. Is This Thing On? (#1)
by alec494 (alec494)
at June 15th, 2007 (08:26 am)

Disclaimer: This journal post is a work of fiction, using the crossover character Alec Winchester - Alec from Dark Angel with a SPN crossover twist.
Timeline: Before the events of Prodigal Son.

It's funny. After the Pulse hit, one of the first things people started doing was trying to get the 'net back up and running. I was safe and snug in my Manticore bed, but you heard things, y'know? About what was going on out there. How the world had gone fucking insane. I read up on it on my second unsupervised mission out into the world.

Anyway... back to the 'net. People couldn't fucking live without the damn thing. And you'd be amazed at the shit that managed to survive out there in the depths of cyberspace. Man, all those farmyard porn videos really make me worry for mankind. And people say transgenics are freaks? We don't have nothing on the regular, plain old, human crazies. At least we're this way for a reason, right?

I never had much use for the 'net, though. I mean, it's not like we got to sit around on our asses playing on computers all day. Or even part of the day. Train, train, train - and sometimes we even got to eat, sleep, and do other activities that were essential to surviving.

So the other night I see Sammy type-type-typing away at something on his laptop, and I get curious. He's not trying to hide what he's doing, so I don't see anything wrong with looking. Like father, like son, apparently. Dad kept a journal and so does Sam.... Sam just does his online. Safe and secure, don't have to worry about losing it unless we get hit by another Pulse, though I think Sam's probably got a copy saved on his laptop, too.

I asked him about it. I mean... if he didn't want us to know what he was doing, he'd have waited until we weren't around, right? Yeah, grasping at straws with that one, but it turned out that I was right. Sam didn't care. He said that he was writing down hunting stuff and life stuff... and just basically crap that he doesn't feel like talking about but still wants to get off his chest.

It'll come as no shock to *anyone* that Manticore didn't preach the benefits of healthy coping mechanisms. We weren't supposed to have emotions tied to missions, after all. Why would we need to know how to fucking deal with what we saw, what we did?

The whole journal idea - ranting and bitching to the great big 'net as a whole, sounded like a good deal to me.

That's it. The story of why I'm doing this. Just in case someone stumbles over it and wonders why in the hell I'd even start a <i>journal</i> of my very own.

I'm churning inside, filled with emotions I never wanted. Dad is gone. Dean and Sam are about to find out some shit that I'm pretty sure they won't be able to deal with.

And me?

I'm just trying to cope.

A/N: I sort of want journals for Dean & Sam, too. I just don't think I have time to "be" all three of the boys.


Posted by: I will call her George (strangevisitor7)
Posted at: June 15th, 2007 02:08 pm (UTC)

This is a fun idea. Your Alec voice is spot on. Looking forward to more entires. Did I mention how much I love Alec Winchester month?

Posted by: alec494 (alec494)
Posted at: June 15th, 2007 02:13 pm (UTC)

*curtsies* Glad you enjoyed. More of these to come. And I got someone to post Dean's journals! *squee*

And, I'm sort of loving AWV month, too.

Posted by: just another fruit loop in this bowl called life (keyweegirlie)
Posted at: June 15th, 2007 06:23 pm (UTC)

I like this idea....a lot.


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