Dear Penis

Friends, and Jensen Picspam

OK sorry of this is not allowed but I have updated my LJ with one of those friend meme things. as most know I semi flocked my livejournal. Because of all the drama that has been gong on, I will be removing some people. If you like to friend me, or would like to remain on my friends list, Then please go to: HERE

Further more I wanted to post some Jensen Pictures, Just so I can say this post is not completely off topic!

Collapse )Okay after typing the lj cut text I realized me and caffine at 10 in the morning is not a good combination!!
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So Here We Are (AWJ #2)

(Set during Prodigal Son)

I am in such deep shit.


How the fuck did I let myself get in this situation?

Could have come clean with them.

Could have told them before we got here.

Could have... Well, you get the point. I could have done a whole helluva lot of things. Instead I kept my goddamned mouth shut and now its all going to blow up in my face. Smart move on my part.


We're off to see Logan and the crew at Jam Pony in the morning. How the hell that's going to play out, I don't have a clue. I mean, aside from OC, there isn't really anyone at Jam Pony that can say something about me that would shock my brothers. (Why is it that it's so easy to type that word, but I can't seem to say it?) What exactly does OC know? How the hell should I know? But her and good old Maxie were thick as thieves and that means that there's a good chance that she knows alot. At the very least, she knows about how I tricked Maxie (under orders!!!!!) into giving Logan that virus that ended their happy little two-some. I'm sure she knows about my twin, too.

Logan, on the other hand. Whoa, boy. He knows alot more than that. He'll know everything Maxie's ever learned about me, not to mention just the stuff he knows about Manticore and its missions in general.

But will either of them say anything?

I guess we'll see in the morning. Time to get some shut eye.

Five Talks Ellen Had With Alec

A/N: Sorry I've been so out of it lately. Life got busy. Will be extending Alec month into July, to make up for it.

Title: Five Talks Ellen Had With Alec
Author: Jinni (
Rated: Pg13
Disclaimer: All things DA belong to James Cameron, et al. All things SPN belong to Eric Kripke, et al.
Notes: Part of the Alec Winchester Verse –
WARNING: Spoilers for future events in the AWV.

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