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The Alec Winchester Verse

... three brothers on a roadtrip....

The Alec Winchester 'Verse
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Welcome! When I first took a challenge that taniapretender laid down, I never thought that it would become what it has. Just a one off fic, I told myself. That was all. And now it's this whole 'verse that people keep clammoring for. You guys honor and humble me with it. Seriously.

I invite all of my friends to have fun with this 'verse, too, though! I mean, I can't count the number of times someone read one of the installments and said "I want to know what happened between scene X and scene Y". I just don't have time to write all of that. So - if you want, go for it. Just post it here, please! And I'll either link it under the "official" index or the "AU" index depending on what was written and how it fits into the overall story of the 'verse I've created. All I ask is that no one take this 'verse and jump ahead of where I'm at in canon. That spoils the fun of me getting to write it, you know?

Anyway - thanks for dropping by. Comments, art, icons, are always appreciated.

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